Photo by Sigrid Estrada

I landed in America as a displaced person from post-war Germany the day I turned six. My mother was a native New Englander before she met and married a Baltic-German exile from the Russian revolution. My parents’ story and the brief life of the father I never knew, set in the convulsions of modern history, may have felt distant to me as I was growing up in rural Maine, but left a mark it took years to comprehend.

At Barnard College I studied Art History, then worked toward a PhD. at Columbia University. Most of my professional life was spent in publishing before I turned to writing full time, particularly narrative non-fiction, in part to understand my background. Since college, New York City – restless modern metropolis and mecca for hopeful transients – has been home, but Maine’s timeless woods and the sea are always a refuge where family and friends provide easy company, leisure, and time to think, garden and read.